Thursday, November 13, 2008

Unbalanced But Fair (War 08.08.08)

As much as controversial and hysterical, the description of the Georgian-Osetian War Conflict in August 2008 by the world's mass medium has been vastly filled with blatant proclamations, grotesque (and, mostly, over-imposed) images, mutual accusations, examples of political prostitution, and gargantuan amount of lies.

Thriving on vague broadcasting and insufficient reporting on the issue by the mainstream media, doubts obsessed me. My inquisitive mind had longed for additional information, and an alternative opinion, which I found in foreign sources...

Some may not find it suitable and relevant to review this topic again few months later, as it may seem outdated. I disagree. We need to know our past, in order to understand present, and to foresee future.

I would like to offer this unique documentary for your review (finally, in English). I hope it helps better understand the geopolitical goals of the US, and the means of achieving them, trace the global projects infused with money of American tax-payers, monitor our diplomatic relationships and question their efficiency. The film shows vividly who and how has gained the most political dividents off the tragedy.

This documentary is truly unique by the amount of research invested in it: opinions of numerous military experts, politicians, journalists, and eyewitnesses of the events backed by over 40 hours of authentic videos (most of which, shot by the Georgian troops)...

...By no means am I trying to push through "some propaganda from the other side" here. I must admit, I do not support SEVERAL ideas and conclusions presented in the film; however, I don't mind supplemental enlightenment either.

The purpose is to present you, dear Reader, with another point of view, in order to facilitate a better insight of the issue, and to reject the farce.

So please - learn, compare, filter, analyze, remember... It is a must-see for the Western, especially American, audience (yes, I am talking about you, Joe-the plumber) and the political establishment!
Click on the title to watch...

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P.S. If you, dear Reader, after watching the documentary, is still convinced that it is just blunt propaganda, please visit: (courtesy of The WSJ)
and read paragraph 4 from the top about "the Russian ghost-tanks."
If you are not disgusted, after all, by this piece of $#@&, then I abandon all hope!

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