Monday, April 2, 2012

A Goose Harasses Residents - They Don't Mind!

For almost four weeks, a goose has harassed the residents of our apartment building. He stands in front of the entrance and hisses at everyone coming in and out. Occasionally, he starts swinging for the fences, when people dare moving him aside to open the entrance door.

Despite such an aggressive behavior, the goose is a local hero and the subject of admiration. He and his female goose have settled a nest about thirty feet from the building's entrance. The female has laid eggs and nests, while the male goose guards.

Here is the video:

The residents frequently walk in and out the entrance door prompting the goose to be on alert. Therefore, he has decided to conduct his watch right there - keeping the locals as far away from the nest with his "wife" as possible.

His stoic performance is amazing, as he monitors the porch day and night. Occasionally, he takes a break and leaves for a bath in a nearby pond or for finding food. However, he only does it during the slow hours of his watch: between noon and 2 p.m., when most residents are at work. But the smart bird lifts his guard again during the rush hour: mornings and evenings...

Yes, the goose is a bit of a nuisance to the inhabitants. But, during those weeks, he has taught us patience. We can also learn determination from his example. No matter how tough the times can be, life goes on. And things will be fine, if we just stay on the course.