Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Spy Scandal Or Spy Game?

Today the media revealed some photos of the alleged Russian deep-cover spies and a new twist to the story. I should say, some "spies" appear to be a knock-out material. For example, take a look at the picture of Anna Chapman on the left. Oh, Mother R-r-r-r-russia!

Yahoo!News reports more on the issue here. This story arouses nothing but doubt and suspicion. And here is my take on it:

It is preposterous! I think this whole idea of spy-catching is a huge political game, if not a gamble, to discredit Obama further! Conveniently, the news of arrests leaked on the next day Dmitry (Medvedev) "left the house!" He was in the U.S. discussing the resetting of political relationship with the Americans.

According to the reported FBI accusations, I, so far, see nothing in the deeds of "spies" but an attempt to collect information in order to run a lobbying business! Perfectly legal in the U.S. by all means, if you pay taxes (ha! that's where the real problem is with these guys!)...

Let's take a look at one of the "operatives" - Anna Chapman is only 28 years old! What a hell of an age for a deep-cover spy! What a hell of a "legend" - glamourous and flamboyant lifestyle (according to John Cook of Yahoo!News)! Do they think the SVR (the Russian Inteligence Service) are dumb or something?..

Another thing - no "illegal" operative belongs to a group. They are spread out, and have no contact with one another to avoid getting the whole network busted, if one of them gets caught. In our case, almost all "spies" knew each other. Holly cow, the James Bond script in action!

Yesterday, Yahoo!News posted an article, in which the possible sentencing for the arrested (if convicted) was announced. Read this: only five years for conspiracy and treason! Can you imagine this??? As far as I recall, last time something like that happend, Rudolph Abel was facing a death penalty!

Unless there is more credible information coming, we are witnesses of a dirty political game. That's all there is to it - nothing more or less!