Thursday, January 6, 2011

Russians Are The JWC Hockey Champions! Video.

Who could have thought that, trailing 0-3 after two periods in the hostile territory versus the praised and the toughest Canadian team, the Russians would pull the craziest comeback in the history of hockey? May be just some die-hard fans, like myself, but certainly not the ones in attendance last night.

However, not only did the Russians tie, but scored two more goals to "bury" the canucks in the ice of the HSBC Arena. The scorers: Kitsyn, Tarasenko, Dvurechenskiy, and Panarin (twice). Video:

Last night I believed in miracles, and I was almost ready to believe in fairy-tales. And the fairy-tale it was! Some compare the yesterday's game with the Miracle On Ice of 1980. But I think it is by far the most stunning moment in sport, much greater than what has happened in Lake Placid.

Wednesday's thriller culminated in the triumph of the Russian never-say-die character, much of which had been forgotten lately by many. The boys in the white-red-and-blue jerseys showed the world, what their country was all about.

My friends, this is Russia!

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