Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day, My Muse! (Poem)

I had not published a poem here in a while. And, I figured in the morning, today would be high time.

I composed a draft in my head between the trips to a flower store and Edible Arrangements and then polished it off during a lunch break...

So, Happy Valentine's Day to all and here's my Valentine's Gift Set to my wife, Diana:

The Muse 

Not only wife but also flirting muse -
My heart with fascination you infuse!

You tease my rhyme, but then reveal and stun
Right when your tunic slowly comes undone.

Erato sings, you dance like Terpsichore.
And all I can is to exhale: "Encore!"



  1. Nu Sashka, nu poet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Blina talantische - takoj slog eschio slozhnij.

    1. Спасибо! Рад, что понравилось! Тем более, что на английском не часто стихи пишу.

  2. As always very original and impressive!

  3. Molodec, horoshee stihotvorenie, davnenko nichego ne prihodilo ot tebja novenkogo.

    1. Спасибо. Да, последний раз на Новый Год ставил сюда публикацию. Постараюсь делать это чаще (ну, как только материал будет). Рад, что понравилось!


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