Friday, January 23, 2009

The President is Gone - Long Live The President

President George W. Bush with his "pets": Pres. Mikhail Saakashvili of Georgia (on the left) and Pres. Victor Yuschenko of the Ukraine (on the right).

Few words on the present. The epoch of President Bush is now over. The feeling of new hope is in Obama's every word: we have heard it in his numerous speeches throughout the campaign, his inaugural address is infused with it.

Hope is good, change is not so much (if one can remember the old chinese curse: "I wish you lived in the time of change.") The change is a dish that must not be served over- or -undercooked. Especially, in such conservative country like the US...

Surprisingly, for the first time in many years the Americans embrace the idea of the change with arms wide open. To be honest, almost none of American philistines can certainly tell what exactly we are looking for to reform. Obama is our champion in fighting "a multi-headed monster," which we have created ourselves and have named the crisis. One should not forget, though, that "eliminating" one "head of the monster" may bring in few more.

I would realy like to, finally, get done with the celebration, and to find out about the President's real program of reforms: when, how, and what his team will be doing to revive our economy and to reinstate our prestige abroad.

I am being sceptical about the promises he makes, after the names in his new administration and staff have been announced. The crisis, for which the majority of people in the US blame only the Bush administration, has had a long and a sufficient beginning during the Clinton time. Yes, it originated back in the 90-s.

Precisely during the Clinton time the American social funds were squandered, and the outrageous deficit, in the amount of $50 trillion, of the Social Security System was created. How? Simple - money laundry! Quick referals: the Gore-Chernomyrdin committee (financial support of reforms of the Russian economy in billions of dollars, huge and continuous money transfers from the US to Russia, in the form of investments and gratuitous support, through the International Monetary Fund); the financial infusion of the barbaric Russian privatisation, etc.

I should certainly mention that the bulk of those funds has never even reached the destined point - vanished on the way being split between the participants of that heist on both sides of the Atlantic...

... September 2000 - the Congress published the report on the corruption system in Russia. Lawrence Summers - the Undersecretary for International Affairs and later the Secretary of the Treasury under the Clinton administration - was named its architect. Moreover, later in 2004 the law suit against several members of the Summer's staff got initiated, and later put to a stop after enormous financial paybacks.

Let's think for a minute where this venerable gentleman may be now, and what he does. Ding! "Larry" is back in Washington on the new Obama's team as the head of the National Economic Counsil!!! Also back is the old Clinton's guard: Bill Richardson (former head of the Dept. of Energy), Peter Orszag (former aid of Bill Clinton),and,last but not least, Hilary Clinton (the "human resources lady" for the Clinton's office).

"Bonemen! - All here!" (from "The Good Shepherd")

...Jesus Christ...

Can you imagine what these thugs can achieve while "working" the newly accepted bailout plan of $800 billion and counting? If you have wanted changes, and have thought you would get some good ones putting Obama in the office, think again. Certainly, we hope his time will be commemorated for stability and prosperity. But for now, his start implies further trouble rather than salvation. At least, this is how it looks like...

Now, so that you do not think that I am a Bush's supporter, I would like to add that Obama will have to face and to deal with our numerous "parasites," created by the Bush's foreign policy.

Take a look at the first picture above: these are our new "friends, partners, and allies"! Obama will also have to face the diplomatic legacy and the "genius" of the Bush administration, which has burdened us with these monkey-boys - our new supporters overseas! Their loyalty and obedience are only valid as long as we satisfy their financial appetite. However, absolutely no dividents are foreseen in the nearest future from our relationships with them - just trouble with Europe and Russia caused by these buffoons - baboons (e.g. war of 08.08.08 and the recent gas crisis).

Whether Obama chooses to continue "feeding the pets" - and to further waste national financial resourses on absurd goals - or to knock them off, and to maintain, and to establish good relations with our REAL existing and new strategic partners, we will find out soon.

I think we should not go "head over heels" about the new President just yet. Let's see - excessive optimism can hurt even more! Remeber, the initial rating of support of the "Dubya" has been over 70%!..

...I am sorry I have written so long - I have not had time to write shorter.

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  1. I truly appreciate an objective perspective the author put into the discussion in this article. He brought up the facts as well as future projection which is not a typical "utopia" solution "one fits all" type of thing. The future indeed is unclear, and the hopes are high up for Obama today. It is a new chapter in American history but it is not a guarantee of prosperity and economical growth.


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