Saturday, January 17, 2009

Who is up for the drum line?

Alexander Semin definitely is! Question: who has taught him to fight? Not to fight like that, of course, but to simply get involved in a brawl? What comes to mind, when one thinks of Semin, is the hyperbole of the quotation from "The Troy" by Orlando Bloom: "not a fighter, but a lover..."

...Of course, the guy's got awesome hands - when it comes to dribbling skills and putting the puck in the net. Tonight, we witnessed the evolving of the new "hammer, hitter, tough guy" - whatever else you may come up with - for the Caps! Semin definitely entertained us with his slapping punches on Staal, who probably didn't even feel a thing. That's not the point!!!

The point is that Alexander is getting used to the NHL more and more. The example is near - Alex Ovechkin, who is, first of all, heavier, and, secondly, more aggressive. The Capitals, recently burdened by injuries, still carry on the dream of advancing as the Stanley Cup contenders.

Ovechkin always plays on the verge (mentally and physically), and so should his teammates. Certainly, it is not Semin's responsibility to smear Staal - one should, probably think of Brashear getting involved as an enforcer in this situation. But mentally for the Caps, his fight with Marc is an indicator of passion, doggedness, and sacrifice. So:

Remember, remember Semin's goals in September,
November, December - a lot!
But more of a reason his Staal's pounding crimson,
Which never should be forgot!

Combining laughter and sarcasm about Semin's recent drum rattle, the fans will certainly appreciate it, as progress in team play, in the future too!

And in the end, the set of the best fights in the NHL. Enjoy.

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  1. I am a girl, and not a fighter at all...but he is free to take my lessons "how to fight", keeping a cold blood, as I'm more experienced in that I think :))) Girls would have been impressed more :) "Good lover" must be on one side with a "good fighter" ;p Elvital.


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