Thursday, April 1, 2010

Fire On Ice!

One of the ice-hockey games between Vityaz Chehov and Avangard Omsk of the Russian KHL was commemorated by a mass brawl of fighting. Originated only 3 minutes in to the game and ignited by episodic skirmishes, it progressed to the all-out team-on-team pounding.

During the pre-game warm-up, tensions were rising, mostly caused by several toughguy-I-don’t-know-why-purchased-lacking-any-skills dumb canucks like Sagdan. By the way, the Vityaz players are infamous for frequently initiating such acts of idiotism during the home games...

The match got suspended, both clubs received financial penalties and 0-5 losses on their record for that round.
Interesting to know, the usually disciplined star of Avangard Omsk Jaromir Jagr took an active part in the brawl. He is well seen in the video below - the old fart "stretched his legs" well!

Also, thought you might like to watch the mighty Haka of the New Zealand’s national hockey team. On ice, though, it is pretty lame! The Kiwies should have come up with something else as their team’s presentation! :)))))) Pretty funny!

And in the end, for your listening and viewing pleasure, infamous NHL monkey-boy Sean Avery of the New York Rangers mocks Pittsburg's Max Talbot:

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