Sunday, November 14, 2010

Spy Game. Continued.

I saw another twist of the recent spy story today on Yahoo, involving Anna Chapman and others. It said that the recently arrested and exchanged Russian "spies" had been betrayed by the high-ranked SVR official (colonel Scherbakov), who had allegedly defected to the U.S.

Read the full story here.

In my opinion, it is a “much ado about nothing.” The Putin’s SVR is using this fictitious figure, Scherbakov, as a scapegoat!.. It is very typical of Putin and his ex-KGB buddies in power to blame someone else for their own mistakes. 

They would never acknowledge their fault. Whether it was an international “spy” scandal, or blazing fires, which were impossible to put down. Not long before those, Putin and Co. had eliminated the forest ranger service in Russia to profit off the illegal timber trade. But, as always, the Putin's government was not held responsible!..

Based on what I have read about the “defection,” I think it is the Kremlin’s pitiful attempt to look clean, when they are covered in... feces. It is an attempt to tell the public about “the heroic Russian intelligence operatives” betrayed by another Western Spy! How convenient!..

In my opinion, the individuals, caught by the FBI, have been no spies, but the cons doing money laundry in NYC for the corrupt Russian officials. The only “spy” attribute, which they have had, is the usage of the SVR’s cover and network for dirty financial operations.

In fact, that’s what they got arrested for! How the heck did they get only 5 years in prison for espionage??? As far as I remembered, Rudolf Abel was facing a death penalty for something of the kind… Another fact - it was said that the alleged "illegal operatives" had been undercover for more than 10 years… Eh, does it mean that Anna Chapman and another “spy,” Mikhail Semenko, have been recruited and infiltrated by the SVR at the age 18???!!!.. Adolescent and pathetic spy game!

In a story, which evokes more questions than answers, there is definitely something fishy going on. The truth is out there, but not here and not now.

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