Friday, March 25, 2011

NY Times' Paywall: What's The Use?

Last Thursday, The NY Times launched the paywall - something they had been talking about and working on for a while. If you want to read their online content, you have to digitally subscribe and pay now. For the U.S., the paywall officially begins on March 28.

Some information will still be free though: you can view first 20 articles each month at no charge. However, if you are their avid follower, you will have to fork out.

I guess there is nothing wrong with the Times' decision to make some extra money. As you know, the press now goes through tough times economically. But the effort, in my opinion, is short-lived. They can charge for content but they still can't profit.

If the reputation of the print has been damaged by biases, lack of objectivity, and innuendos (i.e.,very Times-like), it is hard to attract readers to purchase. Especially, when the public turns from the traditional to the lifestyle politics. Besides, according to The Huffington Post, The Times says "most readers will likely not go past the 20-article-a-month limit." So, what's the use of the paywall then?..

I may continue reading the Times' free content, just because it has turned into a habit. But, if I suddenly have to pay, I will find alternative sources. There are so many of them - if not in the U.S., then overseas for sure. Perhaps, a new and a more creative marketing strategy of The NY Times, which lures in advertisers, would be a way out of the paywall. Information wants to be FREE!


  1. Привет. На эту напасть уже есть лекарство. Очень много способов обойти Paywall. Например Twitter. Если интересно, скину ссылку.

    А статья супер!

  2. Привет. Спасибо на добром слове!.. :) Да, я в курсе как обойти можно. Читал и про Twitter (у Times с ними уже междуусобчик случился - газета грозится выключить свои Tweets за твиттерские проделки с paywall). Ты это имел в виду?.. Решил здесь не раскрывать много деталей, чтобы инициировать дискуссию на тему.

  3. That's true!.. Paywall is confusing too.


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